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Brand Sheet

  Brulin1990 GD
The Industry Standard Aerospace Spray Wash Detergent

  • Superior Cleanability – Recognized as the Industry Spray Wash Standard
  • One-Product Parts Cleaner – Cleans Virtually All Metals Including Steels, Aluminum & Titanium

An unrivaled combination of cleanability, broad material compatibility, extensive approvals and recyclability, produced in a safe formulation — Brulin 1990 GD is the product of choice in most spray wash cleaning applications.

Typical Specifications
Dilution Range
(product/water): 1:32 - 1:6
Typical Dilution: 1:19
Working pH: 10.5
Color: Slight Yellow
Odor: Mild

Product No. 301008

· 5 Gal (05)
· 55 Gal (55)
· 275 Gal Tote (T3)
· 55 Gal/8 (ED)


  Industry Approvals & Conformance

Test Compliance