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Programs & Products Designed For Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Floor Care is an instrumental part of facility cleaning and maintenance. Dirt, sand, and outdoor substances such as asphalt, driveway sealer, oil, and grease are always easily tracked into buildings. The damage they cause makes floors dirty, unattractive to customers, and even hazardous.

To get the maximum life out of floors, they need to be kept clean and in good shape with an effective floor care program. More importantly, robust floor cleaning programs help those walking on them avoid injury.

Brulin offers innovative facility solutions for floor cleaning and maintenance professionals. Our proven Floor Care products and programs are designed to meet the specific needs of educational facilities. Whether your floors are VCT, LVT, polished concrete, or terrazzo, we have you covered and can develop a program based on frequencies, equipment, and labor required.

Transform Your Floors

A Multi-Product Floor Care Program That Exceeds Your Expectations

Multi-functional Transformer® floor finish for use in any program, at any maintenance frequency, with any equipment, on any type of floor. Three finish options (% solids), designed to meet program requirements and budget.

The Simple 3-Step Process

  • Detail Current Program – Square footage, products, dilutions, frequencies, equipment
  • Define Program Expectations – Evaluate appearance levels based on gloss meter readings
  • Transform Current Program While Reducing Labor And Product Cost – Products, dilutions, frequencies


  • Saves Labor and Chemical Usage
  • Ultimate Buffing Flexibility
  • Black Mark and Scuff Resistance
  • Superior Gloss

TerraGreen® Floor Care

High Performance Green Floor Care Program

Uniquely superior green floor care performance compared to competitors’ green floor care programs.  Five unique green products provide superior performance without the premium price.

  • Stripper: TerraGreen® Stripper – Removes non-zinc and zinc finishes. Moderate pH eliminates labor-intensive flood rinsing.
  • Finish: TerraGreen® ZF Environmental Finish – Outperforms competitors in application ease, crystal clear appearance, and durability.
  • Daily Cleaner: TerraGreen® Neutral Cleaner – The only green cleaner with a big, blog, blooming fragrance that smells fresh and clean.
  • Top Scrub: TerraGreen® Degreaser – One of a few Green Seal™ certified products used as a top scrub.
  • Green Credentials – TerraGreen® products are independently certified as environmentally responsible by Green Seal™ and EcoLogo.

Comprehensive Floor Care Program

Resilient Floor Care Programs For Nearly All Facilities

Fewer products and fewer steps make this program simple for training and execution.  Brulin will custom-design this program based on your needs, equipment, and budget.


  • Fewer Products, Fewer Steps
  • Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs – We will recommend a custom-designed program based on your desired appearance level, your labor and equipment, and your budget.
  • Slip and Fall Support – ALL Brulin finishes meet CSPA slip-resistance requirements employing ATSM testing method #D 2047.
  • Training Made Easy – Labels include step-by-step directions.

Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Program

The Stain and Gloss Solution for Polished Concrete & Terrazzo

Improve gloss and your floor’s appearance using our simple program. Economical, low annual cost compared to other programs.


  • Daily Maintenance – One-step process cleans, repairs and micro-polishes with only one auto-scrubber pass using a diamond cleaning pad and TerraGreen® Red Diamond.
  • Periodic Revitalizing – Eliminates wear patterns and pops gloss using a diamond cleaning pad and Diamond Solitaire RTU.
  • Stain Removal – Routine use of QW® STAINLIFTER allows for common everyday stain removal as part of a daily maintenance program.
  • Guard Protection – Penetrates pores and limits staining. Choose QW® POLISH GUARD or QW® STAIN GUARD for either a high gloss stain repellant or matte gloss stain repellent.
  • Densifier – Penetrates concrete pores to increase hardness and durability. QW® CONCRETE DENSIFIER may be burnished after application for an improved polished appearance.

Equipment & Accessories

Designed to work with a variety of Floor Care products such as cleaners, maintainers, and floor finishes.