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How Cleaning Product Dilution Rates Lower Operating Costs

For businesses, maintaining cleanliness across all facilities can come with hidden costs when purchasing cleaning products. Using cleaning products with concentrated, advanced chemistries reduces the labor required to clean and maintain floors, windows, restrooms, and more, while also improving cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and the Total Cost of Operations. 

At Brulin, we’re experts in developing cleaning solutions that positively impact our client’s bottom-line year after year. After 88 years in business, here’s what we’ve learned about why Operations Managers and Purchasing teams should work together to make a switch. 

The Challenges & Hidden Losses When Purchasing Low-Cost Cleaning Products 

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies with large footprints and multiple locations is the cost and effort associated with cleaning and maintenance.  

To cut costs, some purchasing departments opt to buy the lowest-cost cleaning products, period. These products often end up costing more per ounce and require more to use to complete the job.  

Why does this happen? When comparing a product with a high concentration against a ready-to-use product, the initial price seems much higher. But a savvy purchaser knows the cost of one bottle of concentrated cleaner yields a significantly higher volume of product once water is added on-site.  

Great purchasing teams know there are a few hidden hard costs when buying ready-to-use products that are often overlooked.  

Hidden Hard Cost #1: Usage Rates 

Ready-to-use products are made at a standardized dilution, meaning they may not be as effective for tough cleans versus routine ones. Because employees don’t have the option to pour a more concentrated cleaning solution for unique scenarios, having ready-to-use products leads to employees using double, or triple, ready-to-use product instead. 

Hidden Hard Cost #2: Shipping 

Using ready-to-use products means stores having to reorder diluted cleaning products more frequently, and in higher amounts, which leads to higher shipping costs.

The bottom line is this: you’re paying more to ship water. Paying more to ship ready-to-use cleaning products that are essentially water is an unnecessary, costly mistake.

Hidden Hard Cost #3: Overall Product Yield 

At Brulin, our products are both super-concentrated and engineered to clean on the first pass. This difference means that a purchaser is buying only one bottle of cleaning product versus 200+ bottles of a ready-to-use solution. 

Lower shipping costs, lower usage rates and a higher dilution yield makes the upfront purchase price much more attractive. Not only that, but the effectiveness of Brulin’s chemistries means the total cost of labor needed to clean and maintain falls significantly. 

The Benefits Of Advanced Chemistries In Cleaning Products 

Brulin’s advanced chemistries help businesses with multiple locations or large footprints overcome the challenges of cleaning, maintenance and the total cost of operations. Our products are designed to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional cleaning products and require less labor to use. 


Many of our products are designed for dilution, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in cleaning. By diluting a concentrated glass cleaner, degreaser or power stripper with water, employees can create a cleaning solution that is tailored to the specific needs of the situation. They won’t need to waste multiple products and can get the job done faster with less product overall. 

For example, a concentrated cleaning product from our catalog may be diluted at a range of 1:30 to 1:1024, depending on the level of cleaning required. This dilution range can be adjusted based on the type of surface being cleaned, the level of soil or debris present, and the desired level of cleanliness.  

In other cases, a purchaser would need to buy multiple different products, or an employee would overuse the product they had on hand. 

By using a super-concentrated product, businesses also reduce the amount of packaging waste typically created by ready-to-use cleaning products. Concentrated solutions require less packaging than ready-to-use products, helping businesses meet their environmental impact goals while also saving money on packaging and shipping costs. 

Specific Metrics to Consider  

When evaluating the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of cleaning products, there are several specific metrics to consider:  

Key Metric #1: Cost Per Ounce

One of the most important metrics to consider when evaluating cleaning products is cost per ounce. This metric measures the cost of a cleaning product per unit of volume and can be used to compare the cost-effectiveness of different products.  

By volume, dilutable cleaning products may have a higher upfront cost per ounce than ready-to-use products. However, the sheer amount of ready-to-use product they yield after dilution makes their cost per ounce the best value on the market. 

Key Metric #2: Dilution Ranges

Another important metric to consider is the dilution range of a cleaning product. Dilution range refers to the amount of product that should be mixed with water to create a cleaning solution.  

Dilutable cleaning products allow for greater flexibility and customization in cleaning, which can be set and standardized for every facility. By adjusting the standardized dilution range based on specific cleaning needs, both employees and operations managers can reduce the amount of products used, improving overall efficiency. 

Key Metric #3: Cleaning Effectiveness

Cleaning effectiveness is another important metric to consider when evaluating cleaning products. Brulin’s advanced chemistries improve effectiveness, allowing for more efficient cleaning and a reduced need for additional cleaning products or tools.  

By choosing cleaning products with advanced chemistries over ready-to-use products, managers can improve their overall cleaning effectiveness and reduce the time, effort and labor required for cleaning. 

Re-Evaluating Your Purchasing Plan 

For companies with multiple locations or large footprints, maintaining cleanliness and reducing the amount of labor required for cleaning can be a significant challenge. By using advanced chemistries in concentrated cleaning products, Operations Managers and Purchasers improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency while reducing their overall Total Cost of Operations. 

Ultimately, by switching to high-quality, concentrated cleaning products, companies improve their cleaning processes and reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with cleaning and maintenance.  

If you’d like more information on the products Brulin can replace in your current process, or if you’d like a custom cleaning plan built around your business, contact us and connect to our team of specialists who can help you make the change. 

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