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815 QR

Heavy-Duty Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergent

301004 - 815 QR
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning – Cleans Stubborn Greases, Carbon & Other Difficult Soils on Steel, Aluminum & Most Common Substrates
  • This heavy-duty detergent provides aggressive cleaning for the most tenacious soils and broad compatibility with steel, aluminum, and most substrates  ‘815 QR is the ideal detergent for automotive rebuild and other heavy-duty immersion cleaning processes. 301
SKU: 301004
Approvals & Conformance: Ford: Tox #037377 ,GM: FID Number - 236998 ,National Stock Number: 07 Size; 6850-01-423-1105 ,National Stock Number: 55 Size; 6850-01-394-2619 ,Rolls Royce (Allison Engine): 250-C30 Series, Operations and Maintenance Manual; Cleaning Fuel Nozzles
Test Compliance: ARP 1755A: Stock Loss (Special Test; No Classification) ,ARP 1755A: Stress Crazing of Titanium Alloys (4911)
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Typical Specifications
Dilution Range 1:100 – 1:6
Typical Dilution 1:9
Working pH 11.6
Color Blue
Fragrance Citrus
Container Options 275 Gal Tote (T3), 55 Gal (55), 55 Gal/8 (ED)
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