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AquaVantage® 3800 GD

Brulin's Highest Technology Spray Wash Detergent

AquaVantage 3800 GD
  • AquaVantage® Cleaning Technology – A New Industry Immersion & Ultrasonic Standard: Safer & Greener Balanced with High Performance Cleaning
  • One-Product Parts Cleaner – Cleans Virtually All Metals Including Steels, Aluminum & Titanium

AquaVantage® 3800 GD delivers unprecedented performance, scope of application and safety in a spray wash detergent. Improved surfactant technology is effective in applications from parts degreasing to removal of numerous classes of tenacious soils. AquaVantage® 3800 GD has been designed and tested for use in aerospace OEM and rebuild applications and has robust material compatibility. Its mild formulation without offensive or regulated ingredients is broadly acceptable.

SKU: 431038
Approvals & Conformance: Rolls Royce OMAT 1/24AB South Coast Air Quality Management District: Certified as a Clean Air Solvent
Test Compliance: ARP 1755B: Stock Loss (Cat.10) Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): CSD 1; General Purpose Cleaner
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Typical Specifications
Dilution Range 1:32 – 1:6
Typical Dilution 1:24
Working pH 11.0
Color Straw Yellow
Fragrance Mild
Container Options 275 Gal Tote (T3), 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55), 55 Gal/8 (ED)
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