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AquaVantage® 3843 GD

AquaVantage 3843 GD
SKU: 431045
  • Independent Performance Documentation – Proven Cleaning Results
  • Water-Based, Dilutable Formulation – Dilutes specific to your application
  • Extends Bath Life – Creates Labor Savings & Reduces Costs
  • In-Process Corrosion Control
  • Low Foaming at Temperatures Greater than 120˚F (49˚C)
  • Free Rinsing – Cleaner Parts & Simplified Cleaning

APE/NPE/VOC-free, non-phosphated aqueous-based solution research-developed to remove straight oils, particularly higher weight/viscosity blends that are difficult to remove. Typically used in immersion, highly turbulated or ultrasonic cleaning processes, AquaVantage 3843 GD is also non-foaming in spray wash applications. A mildly alkaline solution which cavitates in ultrasonics with unparalleled performance providing a water break-free surface. Safe on virtually all metals.

Approvals & Conformance: Boeing: BAC 5749, BAC 5749, PSD 6-168, BAC5763, BAC 5763 PSD 6-66, Lockheed Martin: STM32-301 Type I Class 2A (low temp, liquid, immersion)
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Typical Specifications
Working pH 11.1
Color Slight Yellow
Fragrance Mild Detergent
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