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AquaVantage® 3887 GD

Highest Technology Aerospace Detergent

AquaVantage 3887 GD
  • AquaVantage Cleaning Technology – A New Industry Immersion & Ultrasonic Standard: Safer & Greener Balanced with High Performance Cleaning
  • One-Product Parts Cleaner – Cleans Virtually All Metals Including Steels, Aluminum & Titanium

AquaVantage 3887 GD sets a new standard for aerospace and aviation parts cleaning. New cleaning technology provides exceptional cleaning from light oil to heavy carbon, with long tank life and simplified tank maintenance. Effective in spray, immersion or ultrasonic cleaning systems. Cleans better, yet it’s safer, in engine rebuild. 4

SKU: 431042
Approvals & Conformance: American Eurocopter: AEC QA-DCR/10-06/01 Boeing: BAC 5749; Alkaline Cleaning (PSD 6-153)* Boeing: BAC 5763; Emulsion Cleaning (PSD 6-62)* GE Aviation: List of Alloy Compatible Cleaners Honeywell Aerospace: Acceptable per C5102 Rev. B International Aero Engines (CoMat pending) Pratt & Whitney: PMC 1468; PS 422 Alkali Cleaner, Immersion; PS 438 Alkali Cleaner (Spray Wash) Pratt & Whitney: SPMC 233, SPOP 1 (Degreasing the Exterior of the Engine); SPOP 209 (Immersion Tank Method; aqueous Spray or Wipe with Rinsing Method; Spray Wash Machine); SPS 233 Rolls Royce: CSS 204 Type A Rolls-Royce: OMAT 1/24AM Pratt & Whitney: POP 581 Alkali Cleaning in Cabinet-Type Automatic Spray Wash Equipment
Test Compliance: ARP 1755B: Stock Loss (Cat.10) ASTM F-519: Hydrogen Embrittlement (Type 1a) ASTM F-945: Titanium Stress Corrosion (AMS 4916 & 4911 Alloys) PWA 36604 Revision D: Compatibility with Non-Metalic Materials PWA 36604 Revision D: Compatibility with PWA 407 Rubber PWA 36604 Revision D: Hot Corrosion GE Aviation: ASTM F-2111; Intergranular Attack GE Aviation: Elemental Analysis Group I and Group III Sandwich Corrosion: per BAC 5763, Rev H Sandwich Corrosion: per Honeywell EMS 53170 Rev. C ASTM E1447: Hydrogen pickup PWA 36604, MCL E-205 Type II: Titanium Stress Corrosion GE Aviation: Hot Corrosion GE Aviation: Appendix F, 3.1.1, Cyanide and Sulfide Content
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Typical Specifications
Working pH 11.0
Color Slight Yellow
Fragrance Mild Detergent
Container Options 275 Gal Tote (T3), 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55), 55 Gal/8 (ED)
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