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AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF

Heavy-Duty, APE/NPE-Free Process Detergent Degreaser

Brulin AquaVantage 815 QR-NF in 55 gallon container
SKU: 301014
  • Designed for global regulatory acceptance.
  • Provides aggressive cleaning for the heaviest soils found in a wide range of industries.
  • Ideal APE/NPE-free detergent for heavy-duty immersion cleaning processes.

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF is an APE/NPE-free version of 815 QR. This heavy-duty aqueous parts cleaning detergent provides aggressive cleaning for the most tenacious soils and broad compatibility with steel, aluminum, and most substrates.

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF is especially ideal for automotive rebuild and other heavy-duty immersion cleaning processes. Its mildly alkaline solution cavitates in ultrasonics with unparalleled performance, providing a water-break-free or higher-level surface cleanliness.

(Formerly 815 QR-NF)

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Safety Data Sheet (English)
  • Cleaning Ranges
  • Directions
  • Storage & Disposal
  • Safety Precautions

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF Cleaning Ranges

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use.

  • System: Immersion & Ultrasonic Tanks
  • Dilution Rate: 1-15%, typically used at 10%
  • Temperature: 130-170ºF (54-77ºC), typically used at 140ºF – 150ºF (60-66ºC)
  • Cleaning Duration: 1-30 minutes: typically parts are cleaned in 3-10 minutes

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF Material Compatibility

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF aqueous detergent is non-corrosive and non-staining to a wide variety of alloys. Some selected categories of materials compatible with AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF include*:

  • Ferrous Metals: Carbon Steel • Stainless Steel
  • Non-Ferrous Metals & Alloys: Aluminum • Chrome Plating • Magnesium & Magnesium Alloys • Titanium & Titanium Alloys
  • Plastics & Composites: High Density Polyethylene/HDPE • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber • Polyvinyl Chloride/PVC

* = Material compatibility should always be confirmed via testing with specific contaminants under specific cleaning conditions.

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF Soil Removal

AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF aqueous detergent removes a wide range of organic and inorganic soils. Some categories of soils that can be removed with AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF include*:

  • Buffing Compounds
  • Carbon
  • Coolants
  • Dirt (Particulate)
  • Fat
  • Flux
  • Grease
  • Inks
  • Oils (General, Cutting, Drawing Compounds, Fingerprints, Forming, Honey, Hydrocarbon, Lubricants, Self-Emulsifying, Silicone/Grease, Sulfur/Chlorinated, Water Soluble)
  • Tar & Pitch
  • Waxes

* = Cleaning performance should always be confirmed via testing with specific contaminants under specific cleaning conditions.

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AquaVantage® 815 QR-NF Product Specifications

Physical Form Liquid
Color Blue
Fragrance Citrus
Viscosity Water-Thin
Dilution Range 1:100 – 1:6
Typical Dilution 1:9
Working pH 12.4
Flash Point (PMCC) None to Boiling
Foaming Tendency Moderate to High
Container Options 275 Gal Tote (1,041L), 55 Gal (208L), 5 Gal (19L)