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AquaVantage® HTD

Medium-duty Immersion & Ultrasonic detergent that is pH neutral with no silicates, phosphates or APE

AquaVantage HTD
  • Safely Cleans Sensitive Metals – Cadmium and Copper (Alloys & Plating) and Aluminum Alloys
  • Highly Effective Degreasing – with the advantages of a pH neutral detergent

An unrivaled combination of cleanability, broad material compatibility, and recyclability produced in a safe formulation, AquaVantage® HTD is the product of choice in most immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications where phosphates and silicates are undesirable.

SKU: 431043
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Typical Specifications
Dilution Range 1:19 – 1:4
Typical Dilution 1:9
Working pH 8.1
Color Blue-Green
Fragrance Mild
Container Options 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55), Bulk
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