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AquaVantage® Passivation

Citric Acid Passivation Chemistry for Stainless-Steel

AquaVantage Passivation
  • Conforms to AMS 2700 Method 2, ASTM 380 & ASTM 967
  • Compatible with a wide range of stainless-steel alloys
  • Fast-acting (effective in as little as 4 minutes)
  • Highly dilutable formula
  • Effective in a wide range of bath temperatures

AquaVantage® Passivation is a dilutable citric acid formulation specifically developed for the passivation of stainless steel parts. AquaVantage Passivation conforms to multiple aerospace specifications and is specifically formulated for use in the Space, Aerospace, and Medical manufacturing industries. This product has been designed to be used in conjunction with Brulin brand immersion or ultrasonic detergents.

SKU: 304039
Approvals & Conformance: AMS 2700, ASTM 380, ASTM 967
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Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution 4-10%
Color Clear/Slight Yellow
Fragrance No Odor
Container Options 275 Gal Tote (T3), 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55)
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