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Brulin Breaker®

Extra Heavy-Duty Power Stripper

A 2.5 Gallon container of Brulin Breaker for floor care sitting next to a 1 Gallon container of Brulin Breaker.
SKU: 121017

Cleaning Strength: 9 (Extra Heavy-Duty)

  • Powerhouse, extra heavy-duty floor stripper that removes all classes of finish.
  • Superior wetting penetration to strip floors the first time
  • Strips floor fast, leading to significant labor savings

Brulin Breaker® stripper removes all classes of floor finishes in any floor care program. Its superior wetting penetration breaks down heavy build-up to strip floors the first time.

Brulin Breaker® uses new technology with a relatively low pH and low odor. The benefit is easier and faster rinsing, as well as less alkalinity to neutralize.

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Brulin Breaker® Usage Directions

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use. Download Safety Data Sheet for more information.

  1. Caution: Place caution signs.
  2. Dust Mop.
  3. Mix:
    • Regular Finish Build-Up: 16 oz Brulin Breaker® per gallon of cold water. (1:8).
    • Light Finish Build-Up: 10 oz per gallon of cold water (1:12).
    • Heavy Finish Build-Up: 32 oz per gallon of cold water. (1:4)
  4. Apply: Liberal solution through an automatic or with a mop and bucket.
  5. Wait: 5-10 minutes, keeping solution wet.
  6. Agitate: Using a black pad or stripping brush with floor machine or automatic scrubber.
  7. Pick Up: Solution using an automatic, wet-dry vac or mop and bucket.
  8. Rinse: Twice using clean water. Neutralizer may be used in first rinse.
  9. Dry: Allow floor to dry completely before applying finish.
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Brulin Breaker® Product Specifications

Dilution Range 1:12 – 1:4
Typical Dilution 1:4
Working pH 11.0
Color Fluorescent Green
Fragrance Citrus
Container Options 1 Gal, 2.5 Gal/2 (07), 55 Gal (55)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure