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Brulin MP 1793

Multi-Purpose Wipe Solvent

Brulin MP 1793 Wipe solvent in 55 Gallon and 5 Gallon Containers
SKU: 304017
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents.
  • Residue-free and quick-drying.
  • Safe for use on most metals.
  • High dielectric strength and excellent solvency.

Brulin MP 1793 is a low-odor, ready-to-use wipe solvent. It’s an effective multi-purpose cleaner for a wide variety of shop and surface soils including lubricants, inks, caulk, some adhesives, and tar.

Brulin MP 1793 is also available as ready-to-use towelettes.

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Brulin MP 1793 Usage Directions

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use.

Brulin MP 1793 is a ready-to-use product. Do not dilute or mix with other chemicals.

  1. Wet cloth or towel with product.
  2. Wipe substrate until soil is removed, and to remove excess.
  3. Turn, fold or change cloth as needed.
  4. Use a dry, clean cloth or towel to speed drying.

Brulin MP 1793 Material Compatibility

Brulin MP 1793 is non-corrosive and non-staining to a wide variety of substrates. Some selected categories of materials compatible with Brulin MP 1793 include*:

  • Ferrous Metals: Carbon Steel • Stainless Steel
  • Other Metals and Alloys: Aluminum • Brass • Cadmium Plating • Chrome Plating • Copper (Alloys & Plating) • Hastelloy • Inconel • Magnesium & Magnesium Alloys • Monel • Ni-Cad Plating • Nickel, Nickel Alloys & Plating • Tin • Titanium & Titanium Alloys • Zinc & Galvanized
  • Other Surfaces: Concrete • Glass

* = Material compatibility should always be confirmed via testing with specific contaminants under specific cleaning conditions.

Brulin MP 1793 Soil Removal

Brulin MP 1793 removes a wide range of organic and inorganic soils. Some categories of soils that can be removed with Brulin MP 1793 include*:

  • Adhesives
  • Caulks
  • Dirt (Particulate)
  • Fat
  • Fluorinated greases
  • Grease
  • Oil (General, Cutting, Drawing Compounds, Fingerprints, Forming, Honey, Hydrocarbon, Lubricants, Self Emulsifying, Silicone/Greases, Sulfur/Chlorinated)
  • Smoke Residue
  • Tar & Pitch
  • Waxes

* = Cleaning performance should always be confirmed via testing with specific contaminants under specific cleaning conditions.

Brulin MP 1793 Approvals & Conformances

  • Approved for use with Dow Corning Silicone Building Sealants per ASTM C794: Peel Adhesion Test
  • Approved for use with GE Structural Adhesives per ASTM C794: Peel Adhesion Test
  • Boeing: Number 84086
  • Boeing (McDonnell Douglas): DPM 6380-1; MCS 6000, Type IB, Type IIIB, Type V, Type VI
  • Hamilton Sundstrand
  • National Stock Number: 6/100 Wipe Size; 6850-01-466-6157
  • Sikorsky Aircraft (United Technologies): QPL SS9170/204 rev1

Brulin MP 1793 Test Compliance

  • ARP 1755B: Stock Loss Tests (Cat. 9)
  • ASTM C794: Peel Adhesion Test
  • ASTM D877: Dielectric Breakdown (to 30,000 volts)
  • ASTM F519: Hydrogen Embrittlement (Type 1c)
  • ASTM F945: Titanium Stress Corrosion (AMS 4911 Alloy)

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Brulin MP 1793 Product Specifications

Typical Dilution RTU
Color Water White
Fragrance Mild
Container Options 32 oz/12 (20), 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55)

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