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Green Bathroom Cleaner (32oz)

Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner

Green Bathroom Cleaner
SKU: 161033 (Discontinued)
  • Signature Fresh Floral Fragrance – Leaves Area Smelling Clean
  • One-Step – Cleans & Disinfectants
  • Multi-Purpose – For Use on All hard, non-porous Restroom Surfaces
  • Inhibits Growth of Mold & Mildew – Eliminates Odors

One-step, non-acid bathroom disinfectant cleaner for daily use in toilet bowls, urinals and on all hard, non-porous restroom surfaces. Signature, fresh floral fragrance blooms into the room, very pleasant to use. Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Effective against a wide range of bacteria. See product label for a complete list of disinfectant claims.

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Green Bathroom Cleaner (32oz) Product Specifications

Typical Dilution 1:64
Working pH 9.6
Color Green
Fragrance Fresh Floral
Container Options 32 oz Canteen/6 (26)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure