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Instant Replay® C

Daily UHS One-Step Cleaner Maintainer

Instant Replay C
SKU: 102008 (RTU Version Discontinued)
  • Drastically Reduces Water Usage
  • Unique Technology
  • One-Step Cleaner Maintainer
  • Enhances Ultra-High-Speed Gloss and Clarity

Daily cleaner/maintainer enhances ultra-high-speed gloss and clarity to maintain floor appearance. Drastically reduces water usage by eliminating daily auto scrubbing. Unique surfactant/polymeric microfilm technology heals minor scratches without build-up. Extends recoat and stripping frequency. One-step cleaner maintainer saves labor.

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Safety Data Sheet (English)
Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)
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Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution RTU
Working pH 8.7
Color Milky White
Fragrance Polymeric
Container Options 1 Gal/4 (04), 1 Gal/4 SCS2 (RD)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure