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Instant Replay Scrubber Pack

Daily UHS One-Step Cleaner Maintainer

Instant Replay Scrubber Pack
SKU: 193005
  • One-Step Revitalizer – Cleans, Repairs & Fills in One Pass
  • Polymeric Micro-Film Technology – Heals Minor Scratches without Yellowing or Build-up
  • Enhances UHS Gloss & Clarity – Raises Gloss 10 Points
  • Economical – Extends Strip & Recoat Frequency 2 Times The Norm
  • 1:512 Ultra-Concentrate – Lowest Diluted Cost

UHS cleaner/maintainer cleans, repairs, and fills in one pass. Unique surfactant/polymeric microfilm technology heals minor scratches without yellowing or build-up. Enhances shine 10 points.

Safety Data Sheet (English)
Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)
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Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution 1:512
Working pH 8.5
Color Off White
Fragrance Sassafras
Container Options 8 oz Pack/64 (GG)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure