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SolVantage® Azimuth

Aerosol Aerospace Cleaner & Degreasing Solvent For Parts Cleaning

50SA12 - SolVantage Azimuth
SKU: 50SA12
SolVantage® Azimuth is an ultra-clean (very low nonvolatile residue content), highly effective, nonflammable aerospace cleaner degreasing solvent with a favorable toxicity profile and low environmental impact. SolVantage® Azimuth is a safe and effective choice for cleaning aerospace parts that will be used in oxygen service. It is approved for liquid oxygen (LOX) components, is VOC exempt, and has an 800ppm exposure limit.
  • No HFC, nPB, TCE
  • Conforms to MSFC Spec 3709 Grade B
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Approvals & Conformance

  • MSFC Spec 3709 Grade B

Test Compliance

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Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution RTU
Color Clear
Fragrance Solvent
Container Options 12-16 oz Cans
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