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TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner / Degreaser

EcoLogo® Certified Concrete, Tile, Brick & Grout Cleaner

A container of Brulin's TerraGreen Bio-Cleaner/Degreaser
SKU: 361012

Cleaning Strength: 8 (Heavy-Duty)

  • For use on quarry tile, ceramic tile, concrete, brick, or any grouted floor surface.
  • Deep cleaning formulation means surfaces and grout are cleaned deep down.
  • Continually eats grease, removing the primary cause of slippery floors.
  • Independently certified by EcoLogo® for environmental responsibilities.
  • Economical formulation and application saves energy, saves water, and saves on labor costs.

TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner / Degreaser combines traditional cleaning agents with residual bio-enzymes to deep clean surfaces, deep down into pores and grout. Continual bio-action digests grease even after the floor dries and between applications to reduce the primary cause of slippery floors.

Using warm or cold water with TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner / Degreaser saves energy, requires no rinsing, saves on labor costs, and saves on water consumption.

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TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner/Degreaser Usage Directions

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use. Download Safety Data Sheet for more information.

Do not use with bleach.

  1. Sweep: Floor and clean up spills. Place caution signs.
  2. Mix: 2-4 oz TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner/Degreaser per gallon of warm or cold water in a clean mop bucket. (1:64 – 1:32).
  3. Apply: Solution using a clean mop. Change solution prior to soil overload.
  4. Scrub (if necessary): Floor with stiff bristled brush on areas with heavy soil/grease build-up.
  5. Remove: Excess solution on floor with mop or squeegee toward drain.
  6. Dry: Allow floor to dry thoroughly. DO NOT RINSE.

TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner/Degreaser EcoLogo Certification

Certified to EcoLogo CCD-110 standards for biologically based cleaners and degreasers.

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TerraGreen® Bio-Cleaner / Degreaser Product Specifications

Working pH 7.15
Color Orange
Fragrance Citrus
Container Options 1 Gal/4 (04), 55 Gal (55)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure