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TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx®

Green Seal Certified® 11-in-1 All-Facility Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

A 1 Gallon container of Brulin's TerraGreen HyPer Maxx sitting next to a 64 Ounce container of TerraGreen HyPer Maxx.
SKU: 191007

Yields 3 Cleaning Strengths: 1 (Light), 4 (Medium) and 7 (Heavy-Duty)

  • Powerful cleaning combination of surfactants and hydrogen peroxide.
  • An everywhere cleaner: 11 products in 1 for housekeeping, shower, restroom, and carpet care.
  • This double-strength concentrate lowers in-use costs by 28% to 45%.
  • Green Seal Certified® (GS-37)

TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® is a powerful hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) combined with surfactants. H2O2 reacts with organic soils to remove dirt from surfaces and grout lines, reducing the need for hard scrubbing. TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® also reacts to odor-causing compounds, neutralizing malodors.

Dispenses accurately through Brulin SCS2 dilution control system: SCS2 BLACK SHADOW (3.1) or SCS2 BLACK SHADOW (4.3.1).

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TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® Usage Directions

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use.

To ensure an accurate dilution, use only with the Brulin SCS2 WHITE SHADOW dispensing gun or SCS2 BLACK SHADOW wall mount dispenser.

Use the SCS2 dispenser to fill an automatic scrubber, bucket or properly labeled trigger spray bottle with TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® solution. Use cold water.

Bucket Fill

Apply solution using a clean mop. Change solution prior to soil overload.

Pre-Spray Pump-Up Sprayer

Spray product onto carpet surface. Wait 3-5 min. Complete cleaning process using bonnet or extraction methods.

Carpet Extractor

Apply solution according to equipment manufacturer’s instructions. Allow carpet to dry. Vacuum or brush thoroughly to restore pile.

Spray-and-Wipe Cleaning

Spray on hard surfaces to be cleaned. Wait 1-2 min. Agitate if necessary. Wipe dry using a clean sponge, cloth, paper towel, etc. Requires no rinsing.

Use-dilution labels available from Brulin or local distributor.

TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® Dilution Recommendations

Always follow directions and information directly on the product label before use.

  • Light-Duty Cleaning (glass, floors, carpet bonnet): 1:256
  • Medium-Duty Cleaning (multi-surface, carpet): 1:128
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning (degreasing, grout, soap scum): 1:20

Use the TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® WHITE SHADOW gun or the appropriate color tip on the BLACK SHADOW proportioner inlet to deliver the desired dilution.

General Maintenance • Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• Medium-Duty Multi-Surface Cleaner • Degreaser
• Odor Eliminator — Garbage
Shower & Restroom • Glass Cleaner
• Floor Cleaner
• All-Purpose Medium-Duty Cleaner • Grout Cleaner
• Soap & Scum Remover
Carpet Care • Bonnet Cleaner • Spot & Stain Remover
• Extraction Cleaner
• Pre-Spray

TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® Green Seal® Certification

TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® meets Green Seal® Standard GS-37. All Green Seal® certified products must demonstrate an effective level of cleaning performance via objective, scientifically validated methods conducted under controlled and reproducible laboratory conditions.

Green Seal’s GS-37 leadership standard means a general-purpose cleaning product is safer for human health and the environment compared to conventional alternatives while providing uncompromising cleaning performance.

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TerraGreen® HyPer Maxx® Product Specifications

Dilution Range 1:256 – 1:20
Working pH 6.0
Color Clear
Fragrance Meadow Mist
Container Options 1 Gal/4 SCS2 (RD), 64 oz SCS2/4 (33), 55 Gal (55)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure