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TerraGreen® Red Diamond

Green Seal Certified® Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Floor Cleaner Maintainer

SKU: 111011
  • Significantly enhances & maintains diamond-like concrete gloss
  • Cleans & conditions with every use
  • Helps protect concrete from staining
  • Decreases porosity & strengthens concrete floors

Spectacular gloss maintainer when used with a recommended diamond cleaning pad. Safe to use on mechanically-polished concrete floors.

TerraGreen® Red Diamond helps protect concrete from staining and, in combination with a diamond cleaning pad, cleans, revitalizes, restores, and enhances gloss in only one step. Compatible with concrete hardeners and densifiers.

Safety Data Sheet (English)
Safety Data Sheet (Spanish)

Green Seal™ Certification

TerraGreen® Red Diamond meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging, and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.

TerraGreen® Red Diamond Usage Directions

Flexible: Mix on your own, or use dilution control.


  1. Place caution signs around the area being cleaned.
  2. Mix 1 oz TerraGreen® Red Diamond per 4 gallons of cold water in a clean solution tank (Dilution Yield: 1:512).
  3. Scrub the concrete floor and pick up using an automatic scrubber with clean pads as recommended for your Brulin floor care program.
  4. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before allowing foot traffic to walk through.


  1. Mix 1 oz TerraGreen® Red Diamond per 4 gallons of cold water (1:512). Use a clean mop bucket.
  2. Apply the solution to the concrete floor using a clean mop.
  3. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly before allowing foot traffic to walk through.

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Typical Specifications

Typical Dilution 1:512
Working pH 9.7
Color Red
Fragrance Citrus/Floral
Container Options 5 oz Pack/64 (GM) • 32 oz Canteen/6 (26) • 1 Gal/4 (04) • 2.5 Gal/2 (07)
CA SB-258 Ingredient Disclosure

TerraGreen® Red Diamond | Solutions That Deliver

Compatible With Either Diamond Or Conventional Scrubber Pads

TerraGreen® Red Diamond’s compatibility offers the lowest possible cost per square foot, optimizing cost controls.

Lithium Silicate Densifier In Formula

TerraGreen® Red Diamond increases the concrete floor’s gloss and stain resistance.

  • Conditions & polishes
  • Strengthens & hardens
  • Decreases porosity
  • Extends the life of all guards
  • Cuts guard recoating cycles in half (or more)

This concrete floor cleaner also reduces routine burnishing and the need for frequent diamond repolishing.

Green Seal™ Certified

TerraGreen® Red Diamond supports sustainability and promotes the polished concrete green initiative. Switching to Red Diamond provides a LEED certification advantage (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Portable Dilution Control

TerraGreen® Red Diamond’s super-concentrated formula controls costs, with no misuse of chemicals.

Red Diamond’s simple, pre-measured scrubber packs or the measure-and-pour canteen quarts move directly to the jobsite or anywhere with a water source.

Pleasant Fragrance

TerraGreen® Red Diamond’s blooming citrus and floral fragrance lasts after concrete cleaning is done, leaving the area smelling fresh and clean.