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Uni.Maxx Green

Simplest, Cheapest, Easiest Green General Maintenance Program

Simplify your inventory with our General Maintenance program, which has 2 products that can replace up to 12 in your current facility cleaning program.  Enjoy significant cost savings, up to 94% in some cases.


  • Reduces Costs – Fewer products to purchase, inventory, and distribute.
  • Simplifies Inventory – 2 products replace up to 12 for all-facility cleaning.
  • Simplifies Training – Universal language clean by color, number, and picture.
  • Dilution Control Flexibility – Use with Black Shadow supply closet dispenser or White Shadow hose-end mobile mixer.

Add TerraGreen® Kick for shower, bowl, urinal, and restroom scale removal.

Program Materials
Program Products
TerraGreen HyPer Maxx
2X Strength, Hydrogen Peroxide All-Facility Cleaner
TerraGreen Kick
Green Seal™ Certified Shower, Bowl, Urinal & Restroom Scale Remover
TerraGreen Kick Plus
Green Sealª Certified RTU Bowl & Urinal Cleaner
3.1 Black Shadow Supply Closet Dispenser
Dispenses 3 Products Plus Water
3.1 Black Shadow Supply Closet Dispenser – Air Gap
Dispenses 3 Products Plus Water