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P.I. Carpet Cleaner Super Concentrate
Product # 131028

This concentrate produces a unique carpet cleaning blend that works effectively for shampooing, bonnet cleaning, and extraction cleaning. The powerful blend of cleaning agents cleans carpeting with instantaneous and complete emulsification of problem soils.  It is a low foam concentrate that economically dilutes at 2 ounces/gallon for extraction and at 4 ounces/gallon for shampooing and bonnet cleaning.

P.I. Floor and Carpet Neutralizer Concentrate
Product # 121014

A liquid super concentrate that will be diluted with water. The product shall be designed so that it will not have any harmful effects on the appropriate substrates that it will be used on.  The product will be formulated so that it can be used to neutralize floors after stripping, as a carpet rinse and de-browner by extraction, and as a damp mop solution to remove winter salt residues.