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Floor Finishes
P.I. TerraGreen Floor Finish
Product # 101027, 101028

A two part concentrate that when blended with water will produce a Green Sealª Certifiable product. Independently proven to be an environmentally responsible finish. High-traffic durability extends stripping cycle. Superior mark and scuff resistance reduces maintenance. For use in all floor care programs. Low odor for 24/7 facilities. Superior gloss. Does not contain heavy metals.

P.I. HS Floor Finish Concentrate
Product # 101036

This 32% solids super concentrate can be blended to produce a 25% or 22% solids finish with High gloss appearance with flexible maintenance frequency. Excellent mark and scuff resistance greatly reduces maintenance labor. Durability extends scrub/recoat and strip cycle. Easily maintained with any program or equipment.

Concrete & Terrazzo Seal/ Water Based
Product # 142021, 142022, 142023, 142024

Blending these four components together will produce a removable, water based acrylic seal for use on concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile and synthetic marble.

P.I. TerraGreen Stripper
Product # 121026, 121027

This item requires the blending of two separate components with water. The finished product will be an environmentally responsible stripper that is formulated to remove all classes of floor finishes, including those containing zinc as well as those that are zinc free.  It shall be very low odor, contain no caustic or NPE, have a working solution pH of less than 11, and exhibit reduced VOC levels.

Brute Stripper Super Concentrate
Product # 121008

This is a super concentrate that when blended with water produces a heavy-duty, low foaming, non-ammoniated stripper designed for the complete and one pass removal of floor polish subjected to repeated high-speed burnishing.

P.I. Breaker Stripper Super Concentrate
Product # 121030

This very versatile super concentrate can be blended into two different dilutions One dilution will ship as Non-Hazardous. Both dilutions create a low odor power stripper with a typical use-solution pH of 11.4 or less.

Cleaners and Maintainers
P.I. TerraGreen Neutral Cleaner WP Concentrate
Product # 111027

This super concentrate can be blended to a 1:128 or 1:256 finished product. The super concentrate produces a low foaming, free rinsing, and neutral cleaner formulated to effectively clean hard floor surfaces without affecting the gloss of floor finishes.  It shall be formulated as an environmentally responsible product meeting the guidelines of GS-37, as promoted by Green Seal, and it shall be a formulation that can be Green Seal Approved.

P.I. TerraGreen Cleaner/Maintainer/Concentrate
Product # 361009, 361010

Two components when blended together with water will produce an environmentally responsible, floor cleaner and maintainer in a single product. This product shall be capable of cleaning the floor while simultaneously depositing a thermoplastic polishing agent that is not removed in the cleaning process.  The continuous use of the product should create a gloss that will increase with repeated use, without unsightly buildup or dirt retention.  The formulation must be approved by Ecologo.

M303 Cleaner/Maintainer Concentrate
Product # 191003

A super concentrated product that’s blends easily with water. The finished product is water based cleaner and maintainer in a single product that is capable of cleaning the floor while depositing a thermoplastic polishing agent that is not removed in the scrubbing process.  Continuous use will create a gloss that will increase with time without unsightly build up and with no dirt retention.

P. I. Deep Scrub Concentrate
Product # 111012

A water-based super concentrate when blended with water creates an all-purpose cleaner that is also formulated to effectively deep clean finished hard floor surfaces prior to floor polish recoating.  It must be low foaming, formulated to work effectively in automatic scrubbers. This product is not recommended as a daily floor cleaner.

P.I. Neutral Concrete Cleaner
Product # Coming Soon

Eliminates uneven wear patterns & edge build-up from heavy traffic over time. UHS procedure eliminates need for scrub & recoats. Revitalizes gloss back to, or beyond, original level. Removes excessive, scuff, wear and scratch marks, providing a uniform gloss throughout the facility. Protects terrazzo from staining.