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P.I. TerraGreen Floor Finish
Product # 101027, 101028

A two-part concentrate that when blended with water with produces a Green Sealª Certifiable product. Independently proven to be an environmentally responsible finish. High-traffic durability extends the stripping cycle. Superior mark and scuff resistance reduces maintenance. For use in all floor care programs. Low odor for 24/7 facilities. Superior gloss. Does not contain heavy metals.

P.I. TerraGreen Stripper
Product # 121026, 121027

This item requires the blending of two separate components with water. The finished product will be an environmentally responsible stripper that is formulated to remove all classes of floor finishes, including those containing zinc as well as those that are zinc-free.  It shall be very low odor, contain no caustic or NPE, have a working solution pH of less than 11, and exhibit reduced VOC levels.

P.I. TerraGreen Cleaner/Maintainer/Concentrate
Product # 361009, 361010

Two components when blended together with water will produce an environmentally responsible, floor cleaner and maintainer in a single product. This product shall be capable of cleaning the floor while simultaneously depositing a thermoplastic polishing agent that is not removed in the cleaning process.  The continuous use of the product should create a gloss that will increase with repeated use, without unsightly buildup or dirt retention.  The formulation must be approved by Ecologo.

P.I. TerraGreen Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate
Product # 301026

This super concentrate can be used to produce three different dilutions. The finished product is an environmentally responsible, general-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is safe for use on all hard surfaces not harmed by water.

P.I. TerraGreen Glass Cleaner LP Concentrate
Product # 201036

This super concentrate can be blended into a finished product diluted by the end-user or as an RTU. The finished product is an environmentally responsible, glass and multi-surface cleaner that is non-streaking.  It shall not contain any alcohol or ammonia.

P.I. TerraGreen Hyper Maxx Concentrate
Product # 850064

This peroxide-based super concentrate is offered as an 8% active product. The super concentrate can be packaged as an 8% with no blending required or blended with water to a 4% active product. The product shall be formulated so that it can be used at different concentrations as a degreaser, general cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, carpet pre-spray, carpet spotter, grout cleaner, shower, and restroom cleaner. The manufactured finished product at 4% or 8% hydrogen peroxide and can be Green Seal Certifiable at both concentrations. Note that the 8% product must be used through a wall-mounted dispenser.

P.I. TerraGreen Restroom and Shower Room Cleaner
Product # 850068

This super concentrate is Green Seal Certifiable. The manufactured product is an environmentally responsible, shower, bowl, urinal & restroom scale remover. The concentrate can be blended for use as a shower and restroom cleaner and/or as a RTU bowl/urinal cleaner. The concentrated finished product manufactured (restroom and shower cleaner) is only for dispenser use. The RTU product manufactured is to be Green Seal Certifiable as a bowl/urinal cleaner. The use solutions of the concentrate and the RTU bowl and urinal cleaner shall easily remove even heavier scale accumulations and will not give off harsh acid fumes.

P.I. Bio-Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate
Product # 850095, 850096

A super concentrate that when manufactured provides the customer a no-rinse, deep cleaner for use on grout & quarry tile flooring in dietary areas. Product is environmentally responsible and EcoLogo certifiable.