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High-Performance Modified Alcohol Solvent

DOWCLENE™ 1621 - Parts Washing Solvent
SKU: DCL0210
  • Outstanding solvency power
  • Efficient cleaning of fats and oils
  • Capabilities to clean a variety of polar contaminations
  • Residue-free drying

DOWCLENE™ 1601 is a virgin, high-performance modified alcohol solvent with both non-polar and polar properties. Produced synthetically, DOWCLENE™ 1601 is specially formulated to meet the high requirements of precision parts cleaning in closed cleaning machines.

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DOWCLENE™ 1601 Product Specifications

Color Clear
Fragrance Slight
Container Options 55 Gal (208L)

See SAFECHEM Brand Sheet for full information.

A Viable Alternative To Water-Based Cleaning

With DOWCLENE™ 1601, its non-polar and partially polar properties mean it can effectively remove non-polar contaminants as well as water-based contaminations in many situations. The extended applications of DOWCLENE™ 1601 make it a viable alternative to water-based cleaning processes.

Advantages Of DOWCLENE™ 1601

  • The ability of DOWCLENE™ 1601 to solve contaminations by itself renders the addition of other chemicals such as surfactants and builder unnecessary.
  • Efficient re-use of the cleaning agent through distillation within the cleaning machine ensures consistent cleaning quality, longer solvent lifespan and lower lifecycle costs.
  • Process monitoring is easy since there is no need to observe surfactants and builder concentrations.
  • The much higher evaporation rate of DOWCLENE™ 1601 minimizes energy usage for drying and ensures residue-free drying.
  • No water is required for the cleaning process.
  • There is less space requirement for the cleaning machine.

Unique Formulation Ensures Stable Distillation & Outstanding Cleanliness

The precise composition of DOWCLENE™ 1601 allows for stable distillation with higher recycling rates. In comparison to standard hydrocarbons which consist of changing and undefined formulations DOWCLENE™ 1601 has a stable flash point as well as a defined and narrow boiling range. This makes residue-free drying possible and enables outstanding cleaning results with high surface tension.

Increased Process Stability Through Optimized Solvent Management

The water solubility of DOWCLENE™ 1601 does not only extend its cleaning capabilities, it also ensures a reliable and safer process: Polar acids are solved in water, and water is solved in DOWCLENE™ 1601. Measuring the acid content in a solvent sample taken from the cleaning machine can therefore provide representative information about the solvent condition. Where necessary, preventive stabilization is carried out to avoid solvent acidification which could otherwise result in machine challenges and related downtimes. Such corrective procedure will not be possible with completely non-polar, undefined standard hydrocarbons.

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