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Space Industry

Solvent and Aqueous Cleaning Solutions

Cutting edge chemistries that are tailored to the Space Industry market with Liquid Oxygen Component (LOX) approval for manufacturing.

  • Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Components
  • Airframe and Components –  Fuel Lines • System Controls
  • OEM Engine and Rebuild – Engine Components • Bearings • Fasteners • Castings

Solutions That Deliver

  • Critical Cleaning for Space Flight Components
  • Degreasing of New Parts
  • Low or No VOC’s
  • High-Performance Soil Removal
Program Products
Brulin SD 1291
Safe Solvent
SolVantage® Vapor Solv
Vapor Degreasing Solvent
Solstice® PF
Precision Cleaning Solvent for Aviation and Spacecraft
SolVantage® TT-I-735 A
High-Purity Isopropyl Alcohol
SolVantage® Azimuth
Aerosol Degreasing Solvent for Critical Cleaning
Stainless Steel Passivation
AquaVantage® Passivation
Citric Acid Passivation Chemistry for Stainless-Steel
Aqueous Detergents
AquaVantage® 815 GD
The Cleaning Standard in Immersion & Ultrasonic Detergents
AquaVantage® 1990 GD
The Industry Standard Spray Wash Detergent
Cleanliness Verification
Solstice® PF-HP
Cleanliness Verification/Degreasing for Critical Cleaning