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Alkaline Deruster HD


431010 - Alkaline Deruster HD
  • Liquid, Not Powder – easy dilution without the hazard of extreme local heating that may happen with powders resulting in local boiling or blowback
  • Effective – removes rust, carbon, and scale from a variety of components
  • Paint Removal – will remove some/old paint

Highly caustic, aqueous cleaner with chelants and flash rust inhibitors to remove rust, carbon, scale and other soils. Designed for immersion applications that use dipping turbulation, or ultrasonic agitation. Low foaming for use in spray wash applications, with adequate ventilation to control the generation of corrosive spray and aerosol mists.

SKU: 431010
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Typical Specifications
Working pH 14
Color Yellow
Fragrance Mild
Container Options 5 Gal (05), 55 Gal (55)
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