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Announcing BruRenew™ – A Revolutionary New Concrete and Terrazzo Cleaning System

Originally Published: February 20, 2024 | Last Updated: February 21, 2024 | Contributors: Liesl McWilliams (CEO of Brulin), Marcus Weidner (Senior Key Account Program Manager)

Revitalize, maintain, and clean concrete floors like never before with our state-of-the-art BruRenew system. Designed to optimize efficiency and minimize operating costs, BruRenew is a revolutionary new offering from Brulin.

“BruRenew represents a collaborative effort between Brulin and our customer where we developed, tested, and ultimately discovered a new way to maintain concrete floors.” – Liesl McWilliams, CEO

We found a new way to restore worn, dirty concrete and extend their life while elevating and maintaining their shine and appeal.

Customer Issue Spurs Innovation

A longtime Brulin customer came to us with a problem. Due to heavy foot traffic, they were having an issue keeping their concrete floors clean and shiny. They wanted a better way to maintain their polished concrete floors.

“Our customer was dissatisfied with the look of their concrete floors. They were taking good care of their floors but the traditional grind and polish method was expensive and disruptive to their operation. They wanted to know if there was a better and more cost-effective way to maintain their floors.” – Marcus Weidner, Senior Key Account Program Manager

Since Brulin has its’ own in-house research and development, we were able to create a brand-new way to tackle concrete floor maintenance.

The BruRenew System

We created BruRenew with all customers in mind. We understand that no two floors are the same and we understand that implementing a new floor care program is intimidating. We developed the BruRenew system to be compatible with common floor cleaning equipment including swing machines, auto scrubbers, robotic scrubbers, and other standard floor care machines.

The BruRenew system utilizes pad-puck technology and includes two offerings, BruRenew Rejuvenation and BruRenew Daily.

BruRenew Rejuvenation

For concrete floors that are dull and need to be brought back to life, we created BruRenew Rejuvenation. A multi-step diamond resin puck and holder pad system with five levels of grit, BruRenew Rejuvenation is built to restore a superior Distinctness Of Image (DOI) to concrete floors, while notably extending the intervals between grinding and polishing.

BruRenew Daily

To keep your polished concrete floors sparkling, BruRenew Daily pads are an effective and convenient method to simultaneously clean and enhance your floor’s DOI. The pads are designed to offer a gentle abrasive action while cleaning.

Discover The Potential Of Your Concrete Floors

At Brulin, we understand every facility has unique needs. The BruRenew system offers a variety of pad sizes and grit combinations to create a custom solution for your floor. Contact our facility operations team today to find out if your facilities qualify for the revolutionary BruRenew system. Experience the BruRenew difference today!

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