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The condition of your facility is a major factor in the impression that people get of your business which can have a direct effect on your bottom line.  Few people will be interested in doing business with a company that cannot keep its own facilities in good condition.  Keeping a clean and well-maintained workspace will also greatly benefit the performance of your employees. Brulin offers general facilities cleaning solutions that allow you to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and maintain clean and sanitary conditions.

School & Educational Facility Maintenance

Increasing Federal, State, and local mandates are requiring schools and government buildings to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. We offer a compact array of products to cover educational facility maintenance needs and a degree of cleaning you can trust.


  • Healthier For Students: Studies find that the use of Green Cleaning procedures along with other Green Building operations improves school attendance as well as performance in the classroom.
  • Safer For Janitorial Staff: Reduces health effects to staff from spills and splashes. Increases safety by reducing the likelihood of fires and explosions. Increases worker satisfaction.
  • Better For the Environment: Conserves energy and resources. Protects the land, air, water, and atmosphere.

SCS2 Black Shadow Dilution Control

Super Concentrates Deliver Precise Dilution Performance & Low Repeatable Cost

Simple one-hand operation eliminates excessive labor and reduces the need to continuously switch refills.  Simply dial the product and pull trigger, you are ready to use in seconds.


  • One-Hand Operation – No buttons to push, no switching refills.  Remote activation with a 7 ft hose reaches out of the closet to fill.
  • Ease of Use –  Simply dial product and pull trigger — no refills to switch. Fast 4 gallon per minute fill rate in bottles and buckets.
  • Integrated Rinse – Simply dial water and pull trigger.  Simpler …and no separate hose connection
  • Small Dispenser – Modular design will fit anywhere in your supply closet.

Restroom Care

Maintenance Products

Restroom cleaning has never been easier. Use Unicide®, our one-product disinfectant cleaner, to clean your restroom from top to bottom. Add in ready-to-use specialty products for specific restroom cleaning needs.


  • Unicide® – One-product disinfectant cleaner with unsurpassed efficacy.
  • Ready-To-Use Specialty Products
  • Aerosol Specialty Products

Or choose our Uni.Maxx Green General Maintenance Unicide®, TerraGreen® Hyper Maxx, and TerraGreen® Kick option.


Environmentally Responsible Products

Independently certified products that eliminate the guesswork of going green with simplified qualification work. Uncompromised performance and low cost make this the industry’s most powerful green solution.


  • Green Credentials – TerraGreen® Products are independently certified by Green Seal™ or EcoLogo.  Eliminates guesswork of dealing with misleading terms like natural, 100% biodegradable, safe, etc.
  • Uncompromised Performance – High performance with the industry’s most powerful green solutions.
  • Cost Neutral Green – Going green doesn’t have to break the bank. TerraGreen® products are priced the same as traditional products. Dilution control dispensers ensure repeatable, low in-use costs.


Degreasers for the Lightest to Heaviest-Duty Soils

We have a product to meet every degreasing need – Industrial Maintenance, Food Handling & Processing, Transportation, Building Maintenance, Fire Restoration.

SCS2 Mobile Dilution Control

No Dispenser, No Decision Dilution Control that Always Works

A dispenser-less dilution control system that moves to the job site or anywhere with a water source via canteen, packet, or full-use bottle. Reliable and convenient.


No Dispenser – A dispenser-less dilution control system that moves to the job site or anywhere with a water source via canteen, packet, or full-use bottle.

No Decision – One Pour = One Use!  Simple dilution, no measuring required.

Super Concentrate

  • One super concentrate canteen is equivalent to two gallons of 1:64 concentrate
  • One case of six canteens is the equivalent of 12 concentrate gallons
  • Compact size easily fits on a shelf, a cart … anywhere
  • Reduces inventory and storage space needed.

The Froamer® Shower Room Cleaning

Cleaner & Faster Shower Room Solution

No-touch cleaning system promotes cleaner, odor-free showers.  Eliminate unnecessary labor costs and chemical waste for significant cost savings.


  • No Touch Cleaning – Promotes cleaner, odor-free showers.
  • Labor Savings – 40% faster as The Froamer® eliminates mixing time/labor, spraying labor, mopping labor, bucket moving time and scrubbing labor.
  • Chemical Savings – Eliminates chemical waste – accurately dilutes cleaners.