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Brulin Products Lower Your Costs

Looking for a cost-saving advantage in the marketplace? Look no further than Brulin chemistries — the solution to lowering your Total Cost of Operations.

Labor, equipment, and chemistry are the three major expenses associated with cleaning, floor care, and maintenance, with labor representing over 90% of a company’s operating expenses.

With Brulin’s expertise in purpose-built and super concentrated formulations, you can lower all of these costs. Our exceptional dilution yield and high-performance chemistries mean that your team can clean better and faster, with fewer employees needed to get the job done.

By choosing Brulin, you’re choosing savings.

  • Cleaning programs designed for your specific needs
  • Fewer labor hours
  • Less product used overall
  • Less spent on shipping
  • Better results

Brulin’s advanced chemistries and cleaning programs improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency, allowing you to reduce the overall Total Cost of Operations while maximizing the performance of your maintenance program.

Don’t settle for subpar cleaning products that drain your budget — choose Brulin and improve your bottom line.

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How To Lower Your Total Cost Of Operations


The cleaning products in our catalog can be diluted at a range of 1:30 to 1:1024. When you buy a single bottle of Brulin product, it can often replace your entire supply closet.


Our chemistries are more efficient and better engineered. The effectiveness of our products means equipment is used less, extending the life of your tools for years.


Reductions in labor costs is a key reason teams switch to Brulin chemistries. Our products are designed to reduce the amount of time and effort required to clean.

Better Chemistry Means More Value

Floor Care Programs

Transform your floors with unrivaled floor care solutions.

  • Conquer Persistent Grime: Effortlessly tackle dirt, sand, and substances like asphalt, oil, and grease for pristine, inviting floors.
  • Maximize Longevity: Invest in proper care for extended lifespan and peak appearance.
  • Put Safety First: Ensure the well-being of those walking on your floors with a focus on cleanliness.

Embrace our cutting-edge, tailored Floor Care programs for unmatched cleanliness and safety for all floor types.

Infection Prevention & Control

Experience the transformational impact of exceptional cleaning and disinfection.

  • Beyond Surface Cleaning: Don’t settle for mere spraying and wiping; embrace a deeper clean.
  • Stay Alert: Heed the CDC’s caution—viruses in as little as only 18 viral particles can make a person sick, making thorough disinfection vital.
  • Elevate Your Standards: Adopt an all-encompassing infection prevention and control program.

Commit to regular, low labor and low-cost cleaning and disinfecting practices, and empower your staff with safe and effective disinfectant usage, for a healthier, safer, and more vibrant environment.

Industrial & General Facility Cleaning

Experience unparalleled facility maintenance with Brulin, expertly tailored to your unique needs.

  • Customized Solutions: Discover the perfect blend of worker safety and peak performance across diverse settings with our adaptive cleaning approach.
  • Superior Quality & Cost Efficiency: We ensure top-notch, multi-functional products that reduce inventory while maximizing cost savings.
  • Impeccable Workspaces: Prioritize worker safety with Brulin’s solutions, minimizing cross-contamination risks, and elevating your business reputation and employee productivity.

We’re your dependable partner for pristine industrial and general facility maintenance, setting the gold standard in cleanliness and care.

Your Trusted Operations Advisors

Are you an operations manager, in charge of purchasing or managing a facility? Our advisors work with you to find the perfect solution that delivers results and gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Use more efficient chemistries
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Extend equipment life
  • Save big on shipping
  • Significantly reduce storage & waste

Once we understand your specific cleaning needs and objectives, we’ll design a cleaning program that reduces your Total Cost of Operations and saves you money long-term.

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