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SolVantage® Acetone for Cleaning

Hand Wipe Degreasing Solvent

SolVantage® Acetone for Cleaning is a fast evaporating metal prep and parts cleaner. It’s one of the strongest commonly available solvents while also being very dry and non-oily. The fast evaporation corresponds, however, to high flammability, requiring users to be aware of the intended use and surrounding. SolVantage Acetone generally would be used for manual cleaning of part surfaces. SolVantage Acetone may also be used in properly designed airless or vacuum degreasing technology.

• 99.5%+ Acetone
• High Solvency
• Low Surface Residues
• Low Viscosity

Environmental Properties
• VOC Exempt
• No SARA Title III Reporting
• Not a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP)

SKU: 304046
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Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution RTU
Color Colorless
Fragrance Pungent
Container Options 55 Gal (208L)- 365 Lbs (166KG)
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