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SCS2 Black Shadow Dilution Control

Super Concentrates Deliver Precise Dilution Performance & Low Repeatable Cost

Simple one-hand operation eliminates excessive labor and reduces the need to continuously switch refills.  Simply dial the product and pull trigger, you are ready to use in seconds.


  • One-Hand Operation – No buttons to push, no switching refills.  Remote activation with a 7 ft hose reaches out of the closet to fill.
  • Ease of Use –  Simply dial product and pull trigger — no refills to switch. Fast 4 gallon per minute fill rate in bottles and buckets.
  • Integrated Rinse – Simply dial water and pull trigger.  Simpler …and no separate hose connection
  • Small Dispenser – Modular design will fit anywhere in your supply closet.
Program Materials
Program Products
TerraGreen HyPer Maxx
2X Strength, Hydrogen Peroxide All-Facility Cleaner
TerraGreen Kick
Green Seal™ Certified Shower, Bowl, Urinal & Restroom Scale Remover
Spring Fresh
Smoke & Odor Remover
Neutral Cleaner
Non-Dulling Floor Cleaner
Green Bathroom Cleaner
Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner
#9 Power
Purple Cleaner/Degreaser
Uniquat Neutral Disinfectant 256
Neutral, Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner
Spring Fresh L
Smoke & Odor Remover
TerraGreen Blue Glass Cleaner
Multi-Surface Cleaner
Formula 815MX SC
Legendary Cleaner/Degreaser
TerraGreen Neutral Cleaner SC
Blooming Fragrance, All-Purpose Cleaner, and Non-Dulling Floor Cleaner
TerraGreen Degreaser SC
Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser
Patco Quat Clean IV
3.1 Black Shadow Supply Closet Dispenser
Dispenses 3 Products Plus Water
4.3.1 Black Shadow Supply Closet Dispenser
Dispenses 7 Products Plus Water
SCS2 Four Bottle Wire Basket