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Beyond Surface Shine: The Definition Of ‘Clean’ In Commercial Floor Care

Regularly, businesses relying on Brulin products diligently prepare their premises for the process of stripping and refinishing their floors. This task is not just about achieving an aesthetic appeal but about reflecting the brand’s identity to its customers.

Our interactions with various partners have led us to appreciate that ‘cleanliness’ holds a unique definition for every client. For some, it’s about cost-effective and efficient floor care, while for others, it’s about achieving a particular level of cleanliness.

Commercial, industrial, or retail spaces require more than just glossy, shiny floors. Their definition of ‘clean’ encompasses more complex factors, which we always aim to understand and incorporate when designing a floor care maintenance program for a new partner.

What Does A ‘Clean’ Floor Mean To You?

The condition of your floor significantly impacts your business’s initial impression. To label a floor ‘clean’ implies an absence of scuffs and scratches, along with a certain level of gloss or shine. It signifies a professionally managed, well-maintained environment, ready for customers.

An unclean, dull, scuffed, and scratched floor is easily noticeable and can subtly mar your brand’s image. The perception of a clean, or unclean, space impacts the relationship customers have with their surroundings.

So, when determining what a ‘clean’ floor signifies to you, consider the following aligned with your business and brand standards:

  • High gloss finish
  • Absence of visible scratches
  • No scuffs
  • High durability
  • Extended lifespan
  • Slip-resistance

Shiny, Scuff-Free Floors – A Testament To Customer Experience Standards

A newly recoated, gold-standard floor shines brilliantly and bears no scratches or scuff marks. It not only attracts customers but also reflects a meticulous commitment to cleanliness.

Our recoating products are specially formulated to help achieve this goal. Take Shattered 99®, our potent stripper with a 1:20 dilution rate. It can strip floors on the first try, and its low pH eliminates the need for multiple rinses.

Combine Shattered 99® with Transformer® 25 or Transformer® 22 floor finishes (containing 25% and 22% solids, respectively), and you’ll have a fresh, high-gloss layer that outlasts conventional recoating solutions three times as long.

To validate, we typically run a floor care trial, based on the specific floor care requirements and cleanliness standards of our partner. During a period of 3-6 months, teams apply the chemistries, refinish the floors and regiment daily cleaning, testing and adjusting as necessary to find cost-effective methods that enhance the durability and lifespan of the floors.

Durability & Longevity — The Hallmarks Of A Smart Investment

When it comes to the concept of a ‘clean’ floor, durability and longevity are fundamental. Employing the right chemistries should consistently fortify your floor’s robustness, enabling it to endure high footfall and resist wear.

A resilient floor translates into fewer recoats, consequently lowering total costs. This enhances profitability, resulting from both a decrease in chemical use and labor.

For businesses with high-traffic areas requiring daily cleaning, such as entrances and checkout lanes, our Instant Replay® solution serves a dual purpose. It not only cleans the floor but also repairs minor scratches in a single application. This unique formulation is also designed to enhance glossiness by 10 points.

Insider Tip: Enhance High-Traffic Area Floor Durability With A Simple Procedural Adjustment

Businesses aiming to positively impact their Profit & Loss statement should consider instructing their contractors or janitorial staff to dust mop and eliminate grit before scrubbing.

This seemingly minor change can significantly extend the floor’s durability and lifespan.

If the initial dust mopping is skipped, any remaining grit can cause deeper scratches during the cleaning process. These scratches necessitate more frequent recoating, which attempts to offset long-term damage. The outcome is increased consumption of cleaning products, more labor hours, and accelerated wear and tear on equipment, eventually leading to the need for repairs or replacements.

This advice is particularly beneficial for businesses operating on a frequent recoating schedule. Such a regimen is not only labor-intensive but may also result in additional losses due to early store closures due to maintenance. If this cycle continues over years, the unchecked grit will cause lasting damage to the floors.

Slip-Resistance — When Safety is Paramount

A floor with slip-resistance is synonymous with safety, helping prevent accidents and potential legal liabilities as it minimizes potential legal and healthcare costs stemming from unfortunate incidents.

Not every section of a facility may require a slip-resistant floor care program, but it is a safety feature that could form part of your definition of ‘clean.’

Our Transformer® floor finish products, namely Transformer® 25 and Transformer® 22, comply with the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) requirements for slip resistance. Suppose safety takes precedence over shine or gloss in your definition of a clean floor. In that case, our team will focus on designing a cost-effective floor care program prioritizing safety, durability, and longevity.

Your Definition of ‘Clean’ Matters to Us

When we talk about cleanliness in terms of commercial floor care, we’re looking at a comprehensive concept that goes beyond appearance. The term ‘clean’ could signify the absence of scuffs, a high-gloss finish, durability, longevity, or even the safety provided by slip-resistance.

Each of these facets plays a role in enhancing your brand image, ensuring positive customer relationships with your brand, creating a safer environment, and driving cost savings over time.

But the question remains: What does ‘clean’ mean to you?

Our team understands the weight that this seemingly simple question carries. Your response influences your business’s profitability, cost-efficiency, and long-term balance sheet. Defining what ‘clean’ means to your business is the first step towards lowering your Total Cost of Operations and setting the stage for sustained success.

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