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Step-By-Step Guide: Designing Efficient Floor Care Programs

Big-box retail stores, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities are buzzing with people every single day. In high-traffic areas, floor care always has a tougher time, whether floors are VCT, LVT, or concrete. Think patchy, dull finishes, scuffs, scratches, and visible layers of dirt.

Operations and Facility Managers need to ensure floors look good and can withstand traffic to keep clients, customers, and employees safe and happy. Building service contractors and cleaning services need a budget-friendly plan to properly finish the job.

Facility cleaning and floor care maintenance are complex processes. We’re here to take floor care worries off your mind with a program that’s custom-made.

Our floor care maintenance programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Our approach is based on five carefully planned steps, tailored to meet the specific needs of each facility.

Step One: Attentive Listening & Understanding

Client-Centric Dialogue

During the initial engagement with Brulin, our specialized team establishes a client-centric approach by listening attentively to concerns and requirements. We believe that understanding our client’s challenges is the cornerstone of crafting an effective floor care program.

Our experts engage in meaningful dialogue, encouraging prospective clients to voice their concerns. The issues we commonly encounter include (but is not limited to):

  • Patchy, Yellowing Finish: When finish gets old, it grabs onto dirt and pollutants, especially where lots of people walk like entrances and exits. It makes the facility look less inviting and could mean the floor’s protective coat is in trouble.
  • Low Gloss Or Dull Matte Finish: A dull finish can be a sore sight for customers, affecting their perception of the facility. Stores and facilities usually want reflective floors, making everything feel lively and friendly.
  • Needs To Lower Regular Maintenance Costs: Spending too much on facility upkeep can really eat into profits and losses. Facility managers are always on the hunt for smart ways to keep floors looking great without spending a fortune.

Collecting Data

Listening is only the beginning. Brulin collects key data points to formulate an effective, efficient floor care program. The data collected includes:

  • Square Footage: Understanding the size of the areas that need maintenance is critical. The size of facilities affects cleaning supplies, effort, and frequency of maintenance and refinishing.
  • Geographic Location: The location of the store can have an impact on the floor’s maintenance requirements. Weather, humidity, environment, and local foot traffic trends are considered to create a schedule that accommodates each facility.
  • Current Equipment & Processes: Brulin’s experts analyze the floor cleaning machines, equipment, and scrub and recoat processes currently in use. This analysis finds problems and suggests ways to improve processes or equipment.
  • Type Of Flooring Material: Understanding the type of flooring material is vital as VCT, LVT, and Concrete have unique maintenance requirements. Brulin ensures that the cleaning agents and processes are compatible with the floor material to prevent any damage and maximize efficacy.

Brulin’s team then creates a unique plan for properly maintaining floors in stores and other facilities. Our team listens carefully to gather information, making sure the plan works well, meets goals, and is cost-effective.

Step Two: Presenting A Tailored Plan

Brulin’s experts create a tailored floor cleaning plan for each client. Our experts draw on years of experience and industry know-how to create a program that addresses each concern and objective.

The components of this tailored plan include a cost comparison, recommended floor care chemistries, and ongoing cleaning/maintenance procedures.

Cost Comparison & Financial Analysis

One of the top reasons for switching to Brulin is often financial. Brulin compares our plan’s cost to the client’s current plan or other options they’re considering.

This comparative analysis showcases not just the cost-effectiveness but also the superior performance and benefits of the Brulin program. It presents a clear picture of the potential savings and return on investment, helping clients make informed decisions.

Concentrated Chemistries, Daily Maintenance, Stripping & Recoat Schedules

Brulin’s range of super-concentrated chemistries, made with significantly higher dilution rates than most floor care products, is the heart of the program.

Our experts choose the right industrial floor care products for different types of floors like VCT, LVT, or concrete. Using the right chemistries not only ensures cleanliness, but also guarantees cost-effectiveness without compromising performance.

An outlined daily maintenance schedule is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the floor’s cleanliness and luster. Our plan simplifies daily tasks using current floor cleaning machines, automatic floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, buffers, burnishers, and other equipment.

Periodic deep cleaning through stripping and recoat is vital for preserving the floor’s integrity. Brulin’s experts recommend the best frequency for this process based on the client’s issues, like uneven finish or discoloration.

The process of stripping and recoating is typically set up on a recurring schedule, depending on the needs of each facility. A guide is used to ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly. We make this schedule to avoid disrupting the facilities’ business hours, customers, or foot traffic as much as possible.

Step Three: Opening Channels For Communication & Feedback

In a partnership with Brulin, our clients always feel empowered to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the proposed plan. This is achieved through discussions to refine the plan based on the feedback received.

We may need to change the chemicals used. We may also need to adjust maintenance frequency. Additionally, we might need to shift resource allocation. Finally, we may have to redo the stripping and recoating steps to meet a client’s needs.

Feedback is invaluable in this process. Brulin’s team uses feedback to make sure the plan matches the client’s needs and goals.

  • Assessing & Addressing Budget Constraints: One of the key aspects that clients want to keep in mind is the budget. Prospective clients are always encouraged to discuss any budgetary goals or challenges they may be facing. We align the plan with the financial capacity without compromising the quality of floor maintenance.
  • Evaluating Expectations & Objectives: Apart from the budget, the client’s expectations and objectives are core to the success of the program. Knowing what each client wants is crucial, whether it’s a shiny finish, lower upkeep expenses, or eco-friendly cleaning techniques.

Step Four: Real-World Testing

The fourth phase entails practical testing of the proposed plan in a real retail environment. Brulin works with clients to select a test store to strip & recoat using a Brulin concentrated stripper and finish chemistry. Daily maintenance results are always evaluated regularly.

Brulin’s team uses a Distinctness Of Image (DOI) meter to measure levels of the floor’s reflection. We observe how the program performs in crowded areas during in-person visits. Necessary adjustments are made as required, ensuring that the program meets the desired standards.

Step Five: Final Review & Implementation

After testing the program design, the fifth phase involves an in-depth review by the prospective client. Clients check the plan changes, money saved, and how they appreciated working with the Brulin team. Clients can implement their custom floor care plan once all requirements are met.

Brulin’s customized floor care maintenance programs stand as a model of adaptability, efficacy, and financial acumen. Brulin works closely with clients in facilities and large retail stores. This creates a strong partnership based on listening, planning, testing, and collaboration.

Ready to design your floor care maintenance solution? Contact our facility cleaning team to create a plan that works for you. We’re here to help lower your Total Cost of Operations.

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