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Green Seal® Certification: Standards For Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Businesses, facility managers, and customers are continually seeking ways to align their choices with sustainability and environmental consciousness.

For that, they turn to Green Seal®—a global non-profit that has certified our TerraGreen® products.

Green Seal® is recognized globally as a standard of excellence in environmentally friendly products. A certification from Green Seal® is a hallmark for environmental responsibility, consumer safety, and product effectiveness.

Our line of TerraGreen® products stands as a testament to these commitments, by meeting the standards set by Green Seal’s GS-37, GS-41, and GS-40.

Understanding The Green Seal® Certification

The Green Seal® certification is not just another label; it’s an emblem of rigorous testing, adherence to stringent standards, and a genuine commitment to protecting the environment and human health.

When a product is Green Seal Certified®, it assures businesses and users that the product is amongst the safest and most environmentally friendly in the market, without compromising its performance.

  • Green Seal Certified® cleaning products must protect human health by containing low-VOCs, are PFAS-free, and are free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins.
  • Green Seal Certified® cleaning products must preserve the climate by being free of smog-forming and ozone-depleting compounds.
  • Green Seal Certified® cleaning products must minimize waste, with packaging either being refillable, recyclable, minimized overall or containing at least 25% post-consumer content.
  • Green Seal Certified® cleaning products must ensure clean water, being made with biodegradable ingredients that are non-toxic to aquatic life.

Additionally, Green Seal Certified® all-purpose cleaners must meet soil removal thresholds under ASTM D4488. Glass cleaners must meet a rating level of 3 in each of the Consumer Specialty Products Association DCC 09 categories: soil removal, smearing, streaking. Bathroom cleaners must meet soil removal thresholds under ASTM D5343.

Since 1989, Green Seal® has championed the cause of a sustainable economy and a healthier world. It recognizes and certifies products that are safe for both the environment and its users.

Experts Recommend Using Green Seal Certified® Products

For a facility to truly be healthy and environmentally conscious, merely adopting “green” products isn’t sufficient. Instead, a more discerning approach is required – one that entails actively seeking products that bear the Green Seal® certification.

“You can take a manufacturer’s word. . .” Roy Furchgott wrote in an article for The Washington Post, “but you’d do better to look for a third-party certification. One of the more stringent low-VOC certifications is Green Seal. . .”

Writers and experts for Domino and Bob Vila also advocate for Green Seal certified products, underscoring their trustworthiness and environmental commitment. NBC News even provides a cautionary note on the proliferation of “greenwashed” products and emphasizes the value of verified ecolabels like Green Seal.

“In order to avoid ‘greenwashed’ cleaning products,” Zoe Malin and Justin Redman wrote in their article for NBC News, “experts recommended looking for cleaning products certified by organizations like the EPA and Green Seal through verified ecolabels.”

Reader’s Digest, in a 2020 article about green cleaning products professionals trust the most, advised readers to start reading labels for green cleaning products and look for those that are specifically certified by Green Seal®.

“When you see a product with a ‘Green Seal’ ecolabel,” Katie Holdefehr wrote in an article for Real Simple, “you know it has passed a strict set of standards.”

TerraGreen®: A Reflection Of Green Seal’s Principles

TerraGreen® products, like TerraGreen® Red Diamond, TerraGreen® Blue Glass Cleaner and TerraGreen® Kick®, exemplify the principles set out by the Green Seal‘s standards.

One of the core tenets of Green Seal® certification outlines that TerraGreen® products are free from potentially harmful chemicals like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroakyl), phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, and reproductive toxins. Chemicals like VOCs are restricted.

Furthermore, when it comes to environmental preservation, TerraGreen® products do not contain smog-forming and ozone-depleting compounds—directly contributing to the protection of our atmosphere and human health.

Safeguarding our aquatic ecosystems is also a priority. TerraGreen® products are made of ingredients that are non-toxic to aquatic life. Water ecosystems, often overlooked in the broader environmental dialogue, are integral to our planet’s health.

How To Switch To TerraGreen® Cleaning Products

Changing the cleaners in your facility cleaning and maintenance programs can seem challenging. Our team is with you every step of the way. We help you reach your environmental goals and objectives as easily as possible, with minimal interruption as your facilities transition.

Do you want to elevate your commitment to a cleaner, greener, and healthier world that’s safer for workers, all while optimizing your operational costs? If yes, the choice is clear. Reach out to our facility operations team.

If you’d like to know more, read Green Seal’s official documentation for GS-37 standards. Dive deeper into our products, understand how your choice of chemistry affects your long-term revenue, and discover how choosing TerraGreen® can drastically lower your total cost of operations without compromising on quality.

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